Villa Cleaning

First Impressions:

If your villa is clean, smells nice and looks good, you know your guests first impressions will be good.

So we pride ourselves on setting up that perfect scenario with special touches. 


Our Cleaners:

Our cleaners are trained to carry out all of the cleaning tasks to a high standard. They receive detailed instructions and checklist to ensure that they do not miss anything. 

They then submit photos of the cooker, the fridge, the kitchen, bathrooms, lounge and patio to show the work that's been done.

When they first arrive they open all of the windows to ventilate the property, they check for damage and for anything the guest may have left behind. They report any issues to us immediately so that we can resolve them as quickly as possible.

They will then strip the beds, and start the clean.


The Kitchen:  

Particular attention is taking to ensuring the cooker dishwasher and fridge is really clean. All items in the cupboards and drawers will be checked, cleaned and put back tidy.


The Bathrooms:

All bathrooms will be disinfected and made to sparkle.


The Bedrooms:

All beds will have freshly laundered bedding put on. All wardrobes, drawers and mirrors cleaned.


All villa floors, doors, light fittings and windows will be cleaned.

(The only exception is that if we need a ladder to clean any windows we will need to schedule that for a separate cleaning job)